The vision of Ducatus? To become the worldwide, most-established cryptocurrency within the next years.


Ducatus has its origin as gold coin in the Roman Empire. This former currency is celebrating its renaissance right now and has come alive as a digital currency. Thus, Ducatus connects historical values with the future and that’s exactly its aim. Ducatus is to be advanced to the trend-setting cryptocurrency worldwide.

In times of digitization in almost all areas of lives, many people already go for electronic payment methods. These methods are bound to paper currency and are subject to many disadvantages. Means they are center-controlled and there’s a possibility of manipulation or counterfeiting. When doing foreign transfers fees will incur. Further it is not excluded that private accounts will be frozen for any number of reasons. It also comes along periodic challenges as financial meltdowns, international hot spots, increasing public debts followed by a rapidly growing world population.

In contrast, there is Ducatos, a stable and digital currency that is bound in a local and safe payment system. A group of experienced businessmen and marketing experts of the industry pioneer Dustin D. Trammell has created Dudactus. This currency is available and usable for everyone worldwide. It is irrelevant which stratum he or she belongs to. Cryptocurrencies are the future and will be the next far-reaching change since inventing the internet. Ducatus gets the digital revolution as digital coin rolling and has the potential to grow to a global brand thanks to an ever-expanding community.


The Ducatus Coin is no invention ourselves. The gold coin served as instrument of paying in the Holy Roman Empire. Due to our vision of the global fast-moving digital curreny we have been renewing the coin. Find out what’s all about the Ducatus Coin and its symbolism.

Stars for infinity

On the front side of the Ducatus Coins are three stars. These stand for the cognizance that form – five in total. These stars stand for the number of founders. Eventually, the idea of Ducatus results from these five founders and they are responsible for realizing this vision. Counting all stars equals eight – the number eight is the symbol of infinity.

Lion and mountain coalesce

On the back of the Ducatus Coins the lion Merlion and the Matterhorn mountain embody Singapore and Switzerland. But there’s still one more symbolic significance: in some cultures, mountains unite characteristics as power and endurance, as well as a mystical presence.

The lion is known as king of the wildlife. Already in early cultures his character was classified with words like courage, justice, invincibility and resurrection. These features meet the central idea of Ducatus – the state-of-the-art financial center accommodate with traditional values. The result is a stable currency – a solid coin.

The globe in keeping with the flower of life

The global expresses the focus of Ducato. A creation of a digital and safe currency for the entire world. On its side the flower of life reminds of the main idea as harmony, piece, perfection and growth. The flower connects Fibonaccis number theory and the golden section – life succumbs these mathematical principles. Thus, the circle is complete.

Main idea as fundament

On the front and back side of the coins an outer ring is running. That ring stands for the principles of Ducatus in Latin. The language reminds of the origin of the coin: The Roman Empire. Translated it means on one hand “The old combined with the new” and on the other hand “Yesterday, today and in future”. These features are aimed at one characteristic that Ducatus stands for: It connects past with presence and is trend-setting thanks to its structured and solid format. Precisely the Ducatus Coin bridges between history and forthcomming time. The coin reclaims its origin of money and provides the newest technology that is independent by a third party. Thus, it smooths the way for all people to financial freedom. Ducatus fullfils renaissance that re-flourishs the former glory.

The DUCATUS History

Up to recent years’ digital currencies were on the fridges. A range that only connoisseurs knew. Since then many things have changed. In the meantime, long needed possibilities and information exist now that laity also can benefit. At the same time attention has been drawing to the branch because many people fathomed the change or were only interested. At any rate, it is an advantage that more people get in touch with digital currencies. Basically, present age is affected by an increasing digitization in our daily routine and in all areas of life. But this trend is proceeding with an almost alarming speed.

Without a doubt, posing a challenge on one side delivers great benefit on the other side. Eventually, millions of people all over the world get the chance of enjoying a cost-efficient, fast and simply international money transfer. With the objective of creating a new digital currency Ducatus was founded. The company was set up by Dustin D. Tramell who was already involved in the first payment system of this kind – the Bitcoin. One of the crucial company principles of Ducatus is: “Money – free and accessible for all”. This vision is backed up by an experienced group of businessmen and marketing experts. All interested people are invited to buy mining credits to create a digital currency as a partner.


Our present is affected by a permanent stimulus satiation. Almost no area of everyday life remains untouched by information and impressions in the lap of luxury. It’s what you call jungle of modern age fittingly. Consequently, in many product ranges and service categories a multiplicity of offers dominate that go along with an exorbitance of solutions. To bunch out of this abstruse quantity and to stay in mind of customers, each company needs to ask the same or at least similar questions. These are based on how the own service offer set apart from the rest. Intrinsically tied with thought of how it can be created more reach and interaction of the target group. As a result, more transactions should emerge. To the daily business of companies and its partners also belongs a collaboration with corporate design manuals. They embody visual pillars of identity – that means what the brand precisely stands for and what sets apart from the rest. Using style guides lead to a uniform image. Ducatus also uses this concept of brand management in individual regions such as Ducatus Academy, Ducatus Charity and Ducatus Travel.

What’s DUCATUS Mining Credits?

The meaning of Mining Credits derives from the mining right – and nothing else is meant. The only difference is that the amount of coins is determined from the start like the corresponding time for Mining. Ducatus gives people of all classes the try to be involved in the revolution of digital and free money. Mining Credits are available at 50 Euros now. The development was put in operation in 2009 with Bitcoin. A new dimension will be reached with Ducatus in 2018. Coins are available at good prices and the principle is applied easily in our everyday lives. Thus, millions of people around the globe will have the opportunity to optimize their lives.

Current DUCATUS price – Ducatus’ value

The current Ducatus price is found at Ducatus Backoffice and CoinBene Exchange. If you want to know the Ducatus price / value please register here for backoffice or visit Coinbene.com.

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A vision describes a long-term target to jointly work towards. Not without any reason did the famous author Mark Twain say in the 19th century: “Who doesn’t know where he wants to go, doesn’t need to wonder when he arrives somewhere else.” Our vision is clear: we want to establish Ducatus as globally most famous cryptocurrency. We will reach that by playing off our advantaged and therefore share our experiences, skills and technologies with each other.

Ducatus Mission

More people recognize or visualize at least that a change of the banking system and previous standards of how business is made worldwide is moving closer. Without doubt you can speak of a revolution of the global economy. That’s the moment when Ducatus starts. It’s our mission to offer millions of people the chance to change their lives. The way of how we purchase and sell products and services online and in real life will be changed.

Ducatus significant values

Ducatus is striving to push on new technological and commercial innovations. Thus, financial solutions start to grow that aren’t only comfortable and safe but also solid and reasonable. To meet the targets to its full extent we have tied Ducatus with our significant values inextricably. It represents our fundament.


Speaking of success professionality plays an important role. The most significant strength of our company consists of a steady team, experienced managers, technology experts and versed advisers. Finally, they all work for a usage of the digital currency in everyday lives. Regarding professionality, we at Ducatus, however, understand that we need to act with commercial far-sightedness as well as to meet a maximum of integrity and excellence.


A winged word says, “Transparency creates confidence” and we also follow this principle as one of our significant values. A daily growing demand for Ducatus confirms that we use the right path. Further, we guarantee a zero inflation, a steady rise in value, a decentralized & independent system as well as highly-encrypted, safe and transparent records at the same time.


We are not the only ones who believe that decentralized, digital currency change the world to an increasing degree. The perception and usage of money are in the middle of a change. Ducatus provides low-priced and fast transactions that also guarantee an outstanding level of safety. That means that more privacy and freedom can be granted, consequently resulting in an improved user experience. Not least we at Ducatus go for equality. That means we grant access to the financial system to everyone, it doesn’t matter who he is and where he comes from.


A company that enjoys success also bears responsibility. Wouldn’t it be nice to have those taken part whose luck hasn’t been granted yet? That’s why Ducatus turns its attention to social commitment and have a share in more humanity. Financial gains are one side of the medal of success – we don’t only measure success only on that. We also set high value on trust, respect and reliability – we also deliver these values to all our members.

DUCATUS build bridges between New and Old

Ducatus is the final product of minings. The gold coin experiences a rebirth as digital currency after serving as means of payment in the Holy Roman Empire in early days. Thus, a bridge is built between past and future. The aim of the Ducatus is to set new standards concerning handling and usability for daily payment transactions. To guarantee full transparency and to reach set milestones all Ducutas coins are created in advance and kept safe by the company. This phase is called pre-mining. Within specified intervals of time clients and business partners get their coins subsequently after a previously determined scheme.

A strong legal fundament

Singapore – why did the founders of Ducatus decide on a head office over there? That’s simply explained. The insular and city state is the worldwide safest and severe regulated financial center. By this means a solid fundament for digital currency was created that offers the best possible base and operative standards. For this reason, Ducatus is able to bring out itself as unique in the area of digital currencies. Per capita a Ducatus coin is normally limited to a previously fixed amount of coins on the global of digital currencies. The Ducatus Coin is based on calculating principles of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. The aim is to create a coin for each human being living on earth. As soon as distribution of Ducatus has been closed, 7.778.742.049 coins will exist. Starting shot and public trade • Launch of Ducatus as digital currency on January 21st, 2017 • Opening ceremony at Versace Palace in Dubai on March 21st, 2017 • Start of Blockchain as well as E-Wallets in Rome on October 21st at the Europe Summit • Public trade at the Exchange since fourth quarter of 2017 • Internal trade and points of acceptance

Parallel with the start of Blockchain also the free trade of Ducatus Coins began on October 21st, 2017. The online shop is accessible since the fourth quarter of 2017 that allows partners of Ducatus to buy products and services to special prices for members. Therefore, the balance in Ducatus can be used in the shopping and cash account. External and independent points of acceptance will be arranged continuously to have a variety of paying with Ducatus as currency all over the country.


Buying DUCATUS Coins

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DUCATUS listing on Coinbene.com

Since March 21st, 2018 Ducatus is listed in the crypto exchange Coinbene.com and can be bought and sold.

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